Obligatory Intro Post

Hi, I'm Tina!

I can be found as accidentallymelted at these locations. AO3 is used to post all of my fic (which can be found here as well, read it using whichever platform you prefer), while Tumblr is used to reblog anything I find entertaining (which is a very large range of things) and occasionally update people on my writing progress/post snippets/ask for prompts.

This journal is going to be used to store my writing, both fic and original creations. I reserve the right to lock it if life happens, but most likely it'll stay public.

Come say hi! I love meeting people. Also, I'm super new at this whole being involved in fandom thing, so please help an ex-lurker out?

WiP Amnesty - Teen Wolf/NCIS Crossover Outline

For svmadelyn's WiP Amnesty drive, have ~3k of an outline for a Teen Wolf/NCIS crossover that will never be written. Never. Or at least not be written by me - if anyone else wants to take this and run with it, you have my blessing.

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Sheriff Stilinski/Melissa McCall
Status: UNFINISHED, will never be finished, this is basically just an outline/fic idea but it's been sitting in the bottom of my drafts folder for a year or so now and I'd like to get rid of it.

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Sunshine Book Club Week 8

And so we have reached the end! What are your thoughts? How did you like the book?

I think one of my favorite parts of Sunshine, besides, like, everything, is Rae's reaction to getting out alive - her shock and the choices she makes in the end there, when they survive after she was sure they couldn't are so in-character and perfect. I love the whole book, like I said, but it's that blank shock at the end there, and her having to cope with this whole impossible situation, that really cemented her place as one of my top 5 favorite heroines.


Sunshine Book Club Week 7

Okay, so we're coming up on the end! Next week will be the last one of these, and then the week after that we'll talk about Chalice, which I'm super excited about, just fyi. But before we do that, we need to talk about what happened this week.

This section of the book contains one of my favorite lines in all of Sunshine, that bit about vampires not registering on insect radar. It's so entertaining and yet so strange, which is like, the epitome of this book. But a lot of other things happen too, including Rae's speculation about Mel and his tattoos (where is my Mel backstory, Robin McKinley, where), Yolande and the fetch (she makes an excellent point about corruption in large organizations, well, several excellent points), and Rae planning her last two days of existence (I love the fact that she buys all the roses - McKinley loves her roses, they show up in most, if not all, of her books).

What would you do in the last two days of your existence? I would definitely call up my extended family and talk to them (we do this every so often, it wouldn't be incredibly strange) and my friends. I would probably go skiing one more time (assuming that my last two days happened sometime in the winter, otherwise this won't work). Take a day and go to the beach with some of my favorite books. Treat myself to dinner out at a really nice restaurant, the kind that you can only afford on special occasions. I might even take a page out of Rae's book and buy myself some roses. 

Sunshine Book Club Week 6

In which there is a visit with a vampire and we meet the goddess of pain. Okay, so there's a lot of other things that happen in this part, and you are absolutely welcome to discuss any part of them, but those are the two things that stick out to me the most in this part (I keep wanting to say chapter, which, NO, self, this book is not divided up into convenient chapters, so sad).

I REALLY want all the backstory on Con's master! And how exactly he's connected with the Blaises, and does anyone think that that connection set up the fact that Con and Rae are able to form a partnership without too many hitches? Because, let's be real, a partnership between a human and a vampire is a momentous occasion and I can't really see it going well, but these two make it work! Well, sort of.

Also, the goddess of pain freaks me out. Who is she? Why is she so creepy? What is her motivation? I WANT TO KNOW.

Sunshine Book Club Week 5

A lot of things happen in this section, although it still feels like the calm before the storm to me. Rae's dark vision is endlessly fascinating to me - I've never been entirely sure of what all she's seeing, but it's cool to think about, especially since she's noticing a lot of secret things (or is she just imagining them?). And then more SOF - this time with bonus Aimil! I like Aimil a lot, she handles Rae's "out-of-body" experience a lot better than I would have in her shoes.

Speaking of Rae's "out-of-body" experience, can we talk about her vampire sensitivity? And why this particular vampire sensitivity is so strong? Also Yolande, who is a wardskeeper. Yolande is one of my favorite characters in this novel - she's so cool! And the fact that she's so matter-of-fact about everything is seriously amazing to me.

I'm aware that this section ends in kind of a weird place, but there really isn't a better place to put the end point in this section. And it kind of puts a point to this feeling Rae's been having, that something's wrong with Con (and isn't that a weird thought, something wrong with a vampire).

Let's close with a quote in from this section that I really like: when Maude says that "The insides of our own minds are the scariest things there are."

Sunshine Book Club Week 4

So this week we get to talk about MORE SOF, the trip to the lake, and Con. Can I just say how much I appreciate Rae's reactions to things? She's great.

Pat and Jesse and the trip to the lake! Puppy stories! "I'm not going to tell you"! Calling on vampires! Poisoned wounds! Really, really creepy healing processes!

Yeah, no, I can't be coherent at this point in the novel, and it may only get worse from here. I welcome other people's coherent thoughts, because mine are just. . . all over the place right now.

Sunshine Book Club Week 3

Now that we're into Part Two, can we talk about SOF?

I mean obviously let's talk about what Rae did to the vampire (because that was kind of amazing and theories on how/why it happened are always welcome) but I find SOF - and especially Pat and Jesse and Theo - really, really fascinating. The idea that SOF - at least at the lower level - is rotten with partbloods who are determined to tackle the world's vampire problem to improve their chances of ending discrimination is one that I really like! And I like how political this book gets right around this section. There are lots of layers there, and there's something new to think about every time.

Poll time: Who thinks Rae does have some demon in her? Why?